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Dear Dave,


Every novice trader needs to find you. Every trader that wants to make money needs to follow you. Many trading groups claim they are the best and they have the formula for success, but I've only stumbled on 1 that made me $$$ - The Trading  Stock Lounge! Proof - Dave alerted a stock at below .002 price per share, I went in with a $30K investment, in 2 months, it was at $0.025 - over 1250% gain!!! I didn't day trade this play, but if anyone did, they could have been making well over 2000% profit. Enough said, proof is in the pudding, or $$$ I should say!


You want to make bank, you're here and you're damn lucky to have found this!

Anna McCombs

New York, US

The Trading Stock Lounge is outstanding in its execution, design and long-lasting benefits. Becoming a member has not only increased the rate of my successful trades, but unexpectedly and enjoyably, my social network as well. As an attorney with a busy schedule, I have very often found it challenging to keep my eyes on the ever changing stock market at all times. I knew that to be successful in my trades, I had to find a team of professionals that are committed, passionate and willing to share their knowledge and resources with others. In addition to being a great platform for active traders, the Trading Stock Lounge is a perfect solution for anyone who is not able to dedicate their attention full-time to trading. The use of the Trading Stock Lounge live chat rooms is invaluable. There I am able to participate in a constant interaction with not only Dave and other moderators of the room, but also with all the Trading Stock Lounge members. They are always there, posting stock alerts, responses and solutions to any questions. Their dedication and around-the-clock availability is what makes the Trading Stock Lounge a unique environment and the best trading experience out there. Dave, the moderators, and other members are by far the best traders I have ever had the pleasure to be affiliated with. I learned trading strategies and mindsets that actually work. In less than a week, they have reprogrammed me to think the way a professional stock trader thinks. Dave is simply brilliant, with a genuinely compassionate heart, and a guru of a master chart trader. Let me simply say that the price of theTrading Stock Lounge membership is well worth it for anyone that is serious about trading stocks and making money.  I am constantly referring many of my friends and business associates to join the Trading Stock Lounge. So, thank you Dave for putting together a great group who is willing to share trading wisdom with one another.  I look forward to being part of the community for a long time to come.


Anna McCombs


New York



Hey Dave, what first attracted me to The Penny Stock Lounge was probably following a trusted trader of mine to the board. To find more trusted and expert traders. Then to watch for over two months the success week after week. Particularly I liked the team approach that brings in the different styles of trading, someone to scrutinize filings, t/a, charts and my bias evidence of tangible assets and operations. I do like that their seems to be a continuing willingness to authenticate and teach the methodology but more importantly for this novice the communication styles’ that come across as sincere and direct. Just getting started here and excited about the days ahead!. All the best!


Great group of guys, great knowledge great alerts great chat, no clutter and worth double the price if you ask me! Look forward to the trading days spent with this crew for many times to come 



I've been meaning to get this testimonial in for weeks, but have seriously been too busy making gains. I have traded for over a decade and have always had various degrees of success with it. However, it wasn't until joining the TSL that I really began to see what true trading success can be. Dave's scans are second to none and his ability to read and analyze charts is phenomenal. The chat is very professional and informative, but it's also down to earth, so there's no need to fear asking if you have questions. My only regret with the TSL? Not joining sooner! Seriously, if you have any interest at all in trading, you owe it to yourself - and your future, to check out the TSL. You won't regret it!


Dublin, GA, US

I have been a member of this Chat since it started and i couldn't be more pleased. I am not a beginner as a trader but there is always room to learn. So many eyes scanning the market is the best trading tool there is for me. However, I have been in a couple other chat rooms where I felt less than accepted as a beginner. Well let me say, The Trading Stock Lounge has made me feel welcome and wanted from day one. Dave is an outstanding guy who has always been willing to help anyone. I work a full time job as an electrical technician during trading hours while I actively trade, so the biggest plus for me is that I can see the full chat log at any given time from my phone. Also I get instant notifications when I am away  from chat. Other rooms I have been in do not provide this luxury. I have tried most of the popular services around and this one is money in the bank. Does it really matter what a trading service cost if it makes you money? Well I haven't been a member a whole month yet and i have made enough gains to pay for more than a year's subscription. Every alert got me into a position under the radar before the move. The Trading Lounge offers different types of rooms for different styles which is a big plus. Best charts, best chat, best alerts, and best attitudes I've seen are right here.. But don't just take my word for it, You got to see the alert history!.


Florida, USA

 Since I joined the trading stock lounge (TSL) in the fall of 2015 my charting knowledge and skills have been sharpened nicely and I have made much more money trading stocks and options. The small cap listed plays over $1.00 have been my favorite plays from TSL, however their call on TXHD at 0.025 recently on a bullish chart setup was fantastic. That stock has already seen .10 and weekly chart is showing even more potential. For anyone who likes to trade charts and make money using probability and statistics in your favor I highly recommend TSL. This paid service is making me consistent returns weekly. They added consistent option spread plays as a bonus to the small cap and micro cap plays and those plays are consistently performing. This service is worth every penny. Definite must have tool for every level of trader in my opinion!


Houston, TX, USA

I've known DAVE for over 3 years through a stock investment we were both in.  During the time we were in that investment, I picked up on Dave's keen charting skills and abilities.  We exchanged many messages over the months, becoming great friends.  When I learned that he was going to start The Penny Stock Lounge, I immediately joined him, knowing full well how good he was with charting.  Although I was dormant in the chat for the first several months, the very first month I became active, the team at PSL made me feel at home.  They are knowledgeable investors who know their stuff.  They take the time to answer questions and teach their knowledge to those lacking the skills. The PSL team does their research with their sophisticated scans and intelligent knowledge before alerting the members. I feel very comfortable investing my money into their alerts.  I have had great success here in the PSL and will confidently tell anyone considering joining that this will be the best financial decision they will make.  Give it a try, you will be very happy you did!  Thank you very much to The Penny Stock Lounge team.


Texas, USA

I just joined and have definitely made a few bucks here. Good people and Dave is a GENIUS!!!


Arkansas, USA

All I can say is WOW! I traded penny stocks years ago not knowing anything about them , just by hear say, somebody said it was a great stock to buy and so on and so on and always LOSING my hard earned money.  Last year I decided to try penny stocks again only to get back in the same rut I was in years ago UNTIL I FOUND THE TRADING STOCK LOUNGE!!!!  If you want a family and friendly ordinated group of experienced and knowledgeable investors without all the hype then TSL is for you. This group of HIGHLY knowledgeable traders have changed my way of trading and thinking for the BEST!  Dave and all the other MODS are very efficient in researching charts, fundamental and technical style trading with NO HYPE OR FRONT LOADING. They alert timely opportunities with a detailed analysis of each alert that they give.  The best thing is that they teach you to do the same thing.  Some of these guys trade for a living and will answer and explain to you any question you might have.  For a person who has a full time job that can't be around the computer all day like me, they send out alerts via text message so members will not be left out which is awesome.  Thanks Dave and to all the other mods of the TSL for helping me to turn my trading account in a complete reversal and watching it grow daily!  All I can say is this, If you're not a member of the PSL, you're missing out my friend!



I'm going to keep this short & sweet.  I have been a member of TSL for less than 3 months.  I have been in other trading groups over the years but never anything that touches the unbelievable stocks that Dave somehow uncovers. 


In 3 months I am up almost $100K with The TSL and am still dizzy from amazement!


If you want the absolute best trading group & trading tool, you've just uncovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow right here!  The only thing that disgusts me more is the fact I contemplated joining for so damn long!  Kudos TSL you are like the crystal ball of trading!


Ontario, Canada

I have been following Dave on the investment boards for well over a year.  One thing I can say without reservation is the integrity and honest approach I have always personally witnessed from him. I have never once seen him waiver from the principles he seems to adhere to so rigidly! That aside he is one of the most consistent chartist & techincal stock players I have witnessed in my years of trading; natually when he decided to start this trading group I must have been one of the first to say "sign me up"!


Since I am now able to follow him in a live interactive setting and sense everything he is doing up to the minute I am finding myself more profitable and acquiring a more solid trading mentality & methodology. The consistency of winning stocks is uncanny even when it requires a little additional patience before it makes a significant move. 


I can honestly say without hesitation, that not joining this group strongly suggests you don't like making money in the stock market!

Joe Monte


Hello Dave,

Feel free to post this message. I joined last week and regret not joining sooner. I made back a years fee of the lounge in one week. 50% was made the first day with ECAU. I can't wait until the next strong plays. The lounge has a team of well educated investors as well as novice investors like myself. Thank you Dave and the team at "The Penny Lounge",


Best Regards,

Joe Monte




The Penny Stock Lounge is an awesome environment for all trader's from beginners to pro's.  A welcoming forum allows everything from basic trading questions to complex chart based plays.  Dave (Strukture) and his moderators bring a wealth of stock charting and OTC experience to the group which helps all of us make great trades. The Lounge is an invaluable tool if you are looking to succeed in the wild west that is the OTC.



The Penny Stock Lounge chat room paid off almost immediately, netting me nearly $1000 in profit off my first trade. Not only has it served as a good outlet for tips and strategies, it has worked out as a place to meet experienced as well as brand new traders and swap stories. Definitely worth the price of admission! 


Indiana, US

My views and tendencies have drastically changed for the better since joining the PSL. I am extremely grateful to Dave and the other members of the PSL for assisting me while I learn to trade. It is a wonderful environment which offers insight on new plays, how to play them, and what you can expect. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help out and answer any questions you have at a moments notice. I look forward to trading with this group for many days to come. It is very beneficial to have a group of experienced traders working as a team to make a profit in this market. I recommend this to anyone who like to make money.


I am a novice trader and have found that The Penny Lounge is an awesome place to be for the novice or experienced trader. Love the way the knowledge levels of the team compliment each other so you're always learning. The respect for each other here is unfounded! Great atmosphere for making money without the hype! Kudos to Struk and his team!



Best group of traders all around. Diversity integrity and honesty. All with the lots of laughing all days. Learn charts, learn to avoid emotions. No bashing, no pumping, no fighting. Fast updates directly from news feeds and real time chart setups. All around a perfect tool to take it to the next level.



Montreal, Quebec

I joined The Penny Stock Lounge on June 1st and I have to say it was one of the best decisions in my years of trading! It's a great room with experienced traders , that share ideas , charts and knowledge to help others. There is always someone there to help with any questions and pointers to help on trading. But the best part is this: I am making more money everyday with consistency , since June 1 at least 10 plays made 50% to 100 % plus gains !!!


I am grateful to have joined this group of traders and I encourage anyone who is serious about trading and making lots of money to join .

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