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We Excell at OTC & occasional Small Cap Chart  Setups typically ranging in stocks from sub-penny up to $20.00!  Our Excpetional Win Ratio Will Amaze You month after month! 



The Trading Stock Lounge (TSL) operates in a "Private Secure Live Environment" where we continually monitor watch lists and the market throughout the day looking to profit on stocks that are ready or close to making a profitable move!  Our aim is to alert stocks that can be held as a swing trade based on specific chart set up criteria.


Our Watch List Room is updated regularly providing traders with exceptional stock set-ups which includes annotated charts showing support entry prices, to monitor & trade


Our membership is comprised of advanced traders to novice traders alike! Some members like to contribute throughout the trading day in the live chat, but many members hold full time careers and just like to wait for Watch List & Alert Room Messages sent directly to both their e-mail & Phone App or they check the chat rooms daily conversation after their work day to see whats hot & trending!  Whatever trading style you are looking for – our trading group provides it in a consistent and very winning fashion! 





Using Customized Stock Scans & monitoring social media outlets we narrow down Stocks to Monitor for all Technical Aspects of the chart for our members!



Technical analysis: The methodology used to make buy and sell decisions using market statistics. It primarily involves studying charts to identify trends and changes in those trends through the use of complex mathematical equations and algorithms.



Charts show a stocks trading history as well as past/present technical status - since history tends to repeat itself in the stock market;  Chart Technical Analysis, to us, is the art of analyzing what's happened compared to what is currently happening  with a stock that the Naked Eye Cannot Detect - It's like a science giving strong chartists an investing edge!



Our Stocks include entry points at current support levels which are all included in the live chat, phone app & e-mail simultaneoulsly!  Find anywhere that provides that level of service with our winning consistency. 


Bottom Line Is... I dont' Think You Will!



Expect To Make Consistent Gains if you practice smart trading principles using our guidance & the 30-30-40 Rule!


We are Primarily Swing Traders


We work together as a team in “a calm live chat environment” throughout the trading day monitoring watch lists and intra-day trading action. When we feel a stock is close to making a significant move it is  posted via Live Chat Room & by Smart Phone App & E-mail simultaneously depending on the nature of the trade! This way you do not have to be monitoring the room all the time.


The TSL is Ideal for people with full time jobs!


We also provide a watch list Room of Stocks; which is constantly being updated throughout the week with  potential trades at suport levels that may be setting up to offer a profitable move very soon!


Right now is the best time to join our Dynamic profitable group and start turning those Red days into more consistent $Green Days$


Our Membership may eventually be Capped in the furture in order that we may maintain the consistency, quality and support & guidance our members have grown to enjoy and continue to expect from this superior service!


Individual Support & Guidance




included for all members!  No other service offers that!  We are a Haven for Novice Traders to make $$ in the market!



Individual Support & Guidance

Stock Trading, Trading Groups, Day Trading, Trading Stocks, Trading
Stock Trading, Trading Groups, Day Trading, Trading Stocks, Trading



One of The best weapons in trading is having an army of peers watching out for each other!


**Testimonials are the true testament of a great service because they represent unbiased opinions**

~ Please check out our Testimonials page by clicking here ~

  • Perfect For The Full Time Worker & Full Time Trader

  • Our Stock alerts include entry points at current support levels

  • Buy signals alerted to Live Chat  / E-Mail & Smart Phone App Simultaneously!

  • Personal Support & Guidance

  • Concentrated Trading Effort in a More Intimate Private & Secure Professional Environment

  • No Pumping / Bashing

  • Filtered Stock Topics / Picks / Alerts by Experienced Chartists & Traders

  • Trading with Peers in a FAMILY ORIENTED environment

  • Guidance & Support in Technical Analysis!

Our Stock Chart Alerts include the entry points at current support levels which are alerted to ALL Members simultaneoulsly in the live chat, e-mail & text message !  Find anywhere that provides that level of service with our winning consistency... 

You Won't!

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